Mumoocie is the perfect sleeping companion for children, adults, or pets with separation anxiety, insomnia, or who just don't like sleeping alone!

Dr. Eric Weiss of Jacksonville, Florida explains that much of our sleep depends on our emotional state of being. A great deal of our healthy sleep comes from emotional comfort. Mumoocie is the solution to a good night's sleep, by providing the intimacy established between you and your loved one. Eric Weiss, MD has also stated "many of my patients have expressed they were not able to sleep well again, after the loss of their long-term sleep companion". Mumoocie is the spooning solution for a good night's sleep.

"Everything is fabulous, my nephew sleeps regularly with his Mumoocie, and it seems to soothe him greatly in the evenings prior to bedtime and through the night. With his disorder he has such a hard time sleeping and I think your product is making a great impact on his quality of sleep. Thank you!!
We are still on schedule to feature you on September 9th so I will send it once it posts."

- Dana B. (BabyLuxe - PR Coordinator)

"One word describes how I feel about Mumoocie, "RELIEF". I have identical 11 year-old twin daughters, one of whom cannot sleep without hiking her leg onto her sister (or whoever else is nearby). When they were tiny children, this wasn't an issue, but as they began to grow, the other twin would lose sleep or wake up sore, from her sister's leg resting on her all night. Cute as it might seem, it became an issue. A counselor suggested that my daughter might have a bit of anxiety about sleeping alone in her bed (even though her twin sleeps in the same room). After all, they've spent nearly their entire lives wrapped around each other. So, I introduced the Mumoocie, praying that it would be well received. Immediately my daughter hugged the Mumoocie and said "Mumoooooooocie". The word "Mumoocie" together with the soft fabric brought instant satisfaction for her and relief for her twin. I'm thinking that if the Mumoocie brought her so much satisfaction that I need to get one too! Single mom's feel some anxiety too!"
- Laura (Midwest Mom)

"I was always a high-level competitive athlete, competing in soccer, softball and I was a National karate champion for my weight class. I have worn my body out and have had to have back surgery, many knee surgeries and most recently a knee replacement at the age of 38. Mumoocie was given to me because since having the back surgery, I had trouble sleeping. I would toss and turn all night to find a comfortable position because my arms would fall asleep. Mumoocie has helped me so much that I can't even believe it. The way Mumoocie is positioned in front of me is the perfect fit and thickness to keep me positioned while I sleep, and my arms don't fall asleep anymore! I wake up less frequently during the night. I also have another use you might not be aware of; I recently had knee surgery and had to keep my leg elevated. The shape of Mumoocie laid on its side was perfect for this. I have included a photo for you to see."
- Missy N. (Venice, FL)

Conan, a Master Reiki Healer - level 4,
shares his Mumoocie story with the world

"I bought eight pillows before I was given the Mumoocie and they didn't work! Mumoocie is the greatest gift I have ever received. I have Cerebral Palsy and my neck problems have been 99% resolved because of Mumoocie. My girlfriend keeps "stealing" Mumoocie to take home with her. The torso shape of this awesome body pillow keeps me in the correct position so that I get a good night's sleep. It is the best pillow I have ever discovered!"
- Conan
Master Reiki Healer
Santa Ana, CA

"My daughter would get very upset when she would have to leave her Grandmother after a visit. She would take one of her Grandmother's night gowns home and sleep with it every night, because it had her scent on it. This time when she left, her Grandmother gave her a Mumoocie that had her scent on it with a recorded special message to my daughter. Now she sleeps with Mumoocie and whenever she wants to hear her Grandmother's kind words, she gives Mumoocie a squeeze. This is fabulous!"
- Teresa P. (Asheville, NC)

"My kids and I love Mumoocie because my husband is in the Military, and we miss him terribly. Someone bought us a Mumoocie as a gift and before my husband went away, he recorded a sweet 'good night' message to us. Every night before we go to bed, we get to hear his voice and that is great!"
- Stacey (Greensboro, NC)

"My son lost his first tooth and was beyond excited to wake up and find the tooth fairy had come. She left the Mumoocie fairy dust everywhere, and that was more exciting to my son than the two dollars under his pillow. Thank you, this was such a memorable experience to my entire family."

"I usually don't feel the need to write in on something that I have purchased but felt the need in this case. I recently received my Mumoocie (I got the fiber filled one) and was very surprised. Not surprised by the product but by how much better it looks in person. Don't get me wrong, your website is great and you tried to get across how soft it is, but it doesn't do it justice. I would tell anyone who is sitting on the fence about buying it to go ahead; they will be pleased with what they get. All the best,"
- Kathleen B. (Las Vegas)

With so many discussions on co-sleeping, a parent is unsure of what to do:

"As a mother of two, I want for my children to feel safe and secure. Sleeping in the dark seems to be a scary place for children, even though there are no monsters under the bed. Both my children and my husband want me to lay down with them. Since there is only one of me, what is a mom supposed to do? Mumoocie is the perfect solution to my problem. Now my family does not have to sleep alone. They can fall gently asleep, and can even be comforted by my familiar voice.

This unique, one-of-a-kind pillow has an optional mini-voice recorder. Mumoocie is covered by a luxury, designer fabric that retains heat and familiar scent. I especially love the fact that Mumoocie is made in the USA with a machine washable outer cover. Thank goodness, now we can all get a good night's sleep!"

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