Helping America sleep like a baby!
Proudly made in the USA

Mumoocie was invented by Moms who understand!

One Charlotte, NC woman joined forces with two Florida women when an idea was sparked. The idea came when one of their children was losing sleep over fears of a monster under her bed. To keep her safe and protected they created a custom-formed pillow that provided her with companionship as she slept. She was finally able to sleep through the night and the monster seemed to move on to someone else's bedroom!

Determined to keep the work in the USA, they discovered a Conover, NC manufacturer who produced superior quality work.

Whether you're a child or an adult, losing sleep can negatively affect many areas of your waking life. Rather than trying to encourage sleep with medication or other ineffective sleeping aids, try Mumoocie once and solve your insomnia for good!

Some of our biggest Mumoocie fans include:

Spouses who travel often
Family members in nursing homes
Patients in hospitals
Military families

Mumoocie is for anyone who encounters separation anxiety and enjoys getting a good night's rest! Our optional voice recorder can add that extra personal element to your Mumoocie pillow…

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